We are currently looking for postdocs and graduate students with background in organic synthesis, photochemistry, optical spectroscopy, microscopy or physics and engineering. If you are interested, send us an email.

Current group members

Sergei Vinogradov

PhD Moscow State University, 1995

Background: organic chemistry, physical chemistry

Thomas Troxler
Research Scientist

PhD University of Bern, 1992

Background: laser spectroscopy & microscopy

In the past, Dr. Troxler served as the Director of Laser Operations at the Regional Laser Biophysics Laboratory (RLBL) at Penn.

Mirna El Khatib
NIH K25 Fellow

PhD University of Florida, 2012

Background: organic chemistry

Linkedin: Mirna El Khatib

Before joining our group Dr. Mirna El Khatib worked as a postdoc in the laboratory of Prof. Gary Molander (Penn).

Srinivasa Rao Allu
Research Associate

PhD University of Hyderabad, 2015

Background: organic chemistry

Prior to joining our group Dr. Srini Allu was a postdoc in the laboratory of Prof. Jonathan Lindsey (NCSU).

Simin Belali

PhD Arak University, 2018

Background: organic chemistry

As a part of her PhD project Dr. Simin Belali worked in the group of Prof. Mathias Senge (Trinity College Dublin), where she designed porphyrin-containing hydrogels.

Qi Sun
PhD Student

University of Pennsylvania

Area: organic chemistry

Qi Sun is a graduate of the Beijing University of Chemical Technology. He is currently working with Dr. Mirna El Khatib on the synthesis of membrane-anchored optical probes.


Ros Paul
Masters Student

University of Pennsylvania

Area: organic chemistry

Ros Paul graduated from St. Xavier College in Mumbai. She is working with Dr. Srini Allu on the development of a phosphorescent pH/oxygen probe (PhOx).

Jessie Bao
Masters Student

University of Pennsylvania

Area: physical chemistry

Jessie Bao graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. She is working with Dr. Thomas Troxler on two-photon micrscopy of oxygen in living cells.

Former group members

Sapna Ahuja
University of Melbourne, Postdoc

Dmitry Andrianov
Adesis, Inc, Research Scientist

Luca Ravotto
University of Zurich, Postdoc

Shane Plunkett
Johnson & Johnson, Inc, Research Scientist

Tatiana Esipova
Loyola University, Chicago, Assistant Professor

Tomoyasu Mani
University of Connecticut, Assistant Professor

Emmanouil Roussakis
MGH/Harvard, Instructor

Sujatha Thyagarajan-Rochford
McDermott Will & Emery, Patent Agent

Louise Sinks
US Nano, LLC, Research Scientist

Alex Karagodov

Artem Lebedev
Trace-Ability, Inc, CTO

Sonya Apreleva
Nativo, Inc, Lead Data Scientist;  Merck & Co, Inc, Pogrammer

Raymond Briñas
FDA, Chemistry Reviewer

Olga Finikova
Global Prior Art, Inc, Project Manager

Vladimir Rozhkov

Ivo Rietveld
University of Paris Decartes, Associate Professor

Mikhail Yurchenko
Hexcel Corporation, Development Scientist

Vadim Soloviev
University College London, Research Scientist

Key collaborators

Jessica Anna
University of Pennsylvania

David Boas
Boston University

Paola Ceroni
University of Bologna

Andrei Cheprakov
Moscow State University

Anna Devor
Boston University

Charles Lin

Artem Masunov
University of Central Florida

Brian Pogue
University of Wisconsin- Madison

Sava Sakadžić

Bruno Weber
University of Zurich

David Wilson
University of Pennsylvania

Gary Wu
University of Pennsylvania

Arjun Yodh
University of Pennsylvania